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Is there a way to determine the bottom line benefit of my company Intranet system?

Determining The ROI of Your Intranet System

You may have recently implemented an Intranet system into your organization's inner workings, but have you been able to measure the ROI it has on your bottom line? Rather than looking at your overall Intranet system in its entirety, it is beneficial to examine concrete key areas of your company Intranet that you can measure like cost savings, increased employee productivity, and competitive advantage in the marketplace. The important thing to keep in mind when evaluating ROI dollars is to remove operational costs from your equation. For instance, do not calculate anything requiring regular maintenance such as necessary upgrades. Cost savings can include items like avoiding printing costs and distribution costs. Increased employee productivity can be realized through better communications and more efficient project collaboration. You can improve your competitive advantage in the marketplace by using your Intranet system to improve forecasting and managerial decision-making.

Can you explain the use of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for my Intranet company?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) For Your Intranet Company

You may have heard of a technology that utilizes the Internet to send and receive phone calls. This technology, known as voice over Internet protocol or VoIP, may be something that you want to consider for your Intranet company. Voice over Internet protocol uses a digital signal to convert a voice and send it back and forth across the Internet with the use of a regular phone. Because of compression, VoIP does not take over the entire Internet transmission path and you are able to make multiple calls while another phone call is in session. The benefits to your Intranet company are cost and flexibility; you do not pay a per charge call whether it is local or global and you can access this "phone line" from virtually any place. The drawbacks are that the VoIP technology is not yet widely used and tested within a business organizational context, so it remains to be seen how reliable this service is. In addition, power outages would prevent the use of a Voice over Internet protocol system unless you have a backup method of power in place.

What security measures should I take with my company intranet?

Security Measures on Your Company Intranet

Communications and file information for your company should be protected. This is especially true if you have a company intranet. It is far too easy to have private communications available to outside parties or to have vital information unnecessarily deleted. In order to avoid any mishaps, investigate security measures such as password-protected entry or select folder access. If you decide to add an extranet component, make sure you do so with a select number of business colleagues outside of your company. And finally, make functions like deleting files and information an administrative approved process.

What is blogging and can it be useful for my company?

Adding Blogging to Your Company Intranet

Blogging has become commonplace among users for everything from sharing stories and opinions to the arena of journalism. But what is blogging and does it have a place on a company Intranet? That answer lies in the structure of your business organization and its ability to maintain open communications while maintaining a level of professionalism. A blog is essentially the personal journal of an individual that can be updated at any time and is viewable to the general public. In the case of employing a blog on your company intranet, members within your company infrastructure would have access to viewing the blog. Although most information disseminates from management on down, blogging allows the reverse to happen. If your company sees a need to hear the voices of its employees, create an open line of communications, and better the management practices of its company infrastructure, then blogging may be for your organization.

What blogging guidelines can I follow to set up a system for my intranet company?

Blogging Guidelines for Your Intranet Company

If you have made the decision to add blogging to your intranet company, there are some blogging guidelines you should consider to keep operations running smoothly. First, you should understand what the blogging technology is capable of. Once you understand how the technology works, you can figure out how blogging fits into the structure of your intranet company. Second, decide on an objective for your company blog. You need to know exactly what the blog will be used for and by whom. Third, create a set of policies and procedures for your intranet company. Decide how much control and input your management will have on the company blog. Setting up a structure that allows your employees to reap the benefits of the blogging technology without having to police their writing is the best means of establishing parameters. Following these simple blogging guidelines will help your intranet company run an effective blogging system.

How can I make sure my company intranet continues to operate smoothly?

Testing the Company Intranet Design

To make sure the operations of your company intranet design continue to run smoothly, make sure every addition or change to your system goes through a vigorous test. Assign a group of test users to make a trial run of any changes in your system before allowing company wide use on your intranet design. Spending the time to make sure the program is functioning properly before you allow company access can save you a great deal of technical troubleshooting later.

What should I consider when launching a company intranet?

Launching a Company Intranet

To increase the ease of communications within your company and facilitate project interactions, you will need to launch a company intranet. Although this is an immense transition, you can follow some guidelines to ease the implementation of a new system into your business.
• Understand the structure of your employee interactions and the manner in which they like to work. Their input will help you assess the best way to handle an intranet system.
• Appoint an information technology manager to oversee the company intranet. Having someone such as the current network manager in charge makes handling changes, site access, and guidelines for the rest of the company much easier.
• Set up a back up safety net for use of the intranet within your company. Not everyone should have access to all files and accidental deletion of important material can occur.
• Keep your new intranet system simple and flexible. When introducing a new system into your company it is important to start off with the basic necessities. You can always add features and functions as the learning curve of the business changes.

What are the practical applications of an extranet system for my business?

Extranet Basics

Many businesses today expect and require a reliable means of communicating and sharing information with each other. To facilitate business to business interactions and project collaborations, consider implementing an extranet system. The extranet is a private network that relies on the Internet and public communications to share a company's information with outside parties. Use the extranet to work with partnering business, suppliers, and vendors. Share files, post information, and make team projects easier by creating system capable of placing and retrieving information on an extranet.

How should I plan for the growth of my business with my company employee intranet share site?

Flexibility is Key on Your Company Employee Intranet Share Site

When creating the platform for your company employee intranet share site, keep in mind that no system should be rigid. Flexibility allows you to change your company employee intranet share site as the needs of your business changes. A good rule of thumb is to take your existing employee user count and make sure your company intranet share site can support three times that number. A common problem a company faces is the task of having to change out their server due to poor planning.

What is the purpose of setting up an intranet company?

The Basics of an Intranet Company

At times, it may be appropriate for a company to set up an infrastructure that allows access to information sharing. An intranet company operates by using an internal network that allows company personnel to access each other's files, gain entry to Web sites, and work together on specific projects. The system of an intranet company is advantageous in a situation where a company wishes to keep its materials private for use among the members of the organization. In addition, information sharing among employees as well as collaboration among project teams becomes efficient.

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