Adding Blogging to Your Company Intranet

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What is blogging and can it be useful for my company?

Adding Blogging to Your Company Intranet

Blogging has become commonplace among users for everything from sharing stories and opinions to the arena of journalism. But what is blogging and does it have a place on a company Intranet? That answer lies in the structure of your business organization and its ability to maintain open communications while maintaining a level of professionalism. A blog is essentially the personal journal of an individual that can be updated at any time and is viewable to the general public. In the case of employing a blog on your company intranet, members within your company infrastructure would have access to viewing the blog. Although most information disseminates from management on down, blogging allows the reverse to happen. If your company sees a need to hear the voices of its employees, create an open line of communications, and better the management practices of its company infrastructure, then blogging may be for your organization.



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