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What type of clientele uses an interactive agency?

The Interactive Agency Clientele

You may wonder with the latest design advances, if hiring an interactive agency is for you. Who uses an interactive agency and for what purpose? The reality is, any business with a need to market their organization or provide client or customer interaction through the Web or other means can use an interactive agency. An architecture firm might use an interactive agency to showcase its design portfolio online or through digital media such as a CD Rom. A television network might turn to an interactive agency to add a new level of design to their advertising campaign. A hotel may want to add a 360-degree view of their facility. An e-commerce site may want to add video programming to their Web site. In short, if you have a vision to engage your clients and customers through digital media, you can use an interactive agency.

Can you give me an example of what can be done with an interactive advertising campaign?

The Interactive Advertising Campaign

The movement of interactive media is going to an entirely different level. An interactive advertising campaign can actually engage the viewer to give and receive information. For instance, one interactive advertising campaign involves the partnership of a major satellite TV company with an auto manufacturer. Using the television as a medium for an auto advertising campaign, the viewer can find out additional information about the product. You will be able to get a list of nearby auto dealerships by entering your zip code. You can order an interactive CD from the auto manufacturer filled with music, wallpaper, and a computer based game by simply clicking a button. You will also be able to click and sift through auto features and photo galleries - all while watching this auto advertising campaign.

What kind of services can I expect to get from an interactive agency?

Services From An Interactive Agency

An interactive agency can encompass many aspects of the Web and other forms of media. When you think of interactive media, think of any physical interaction that allows you to communicate either through graphics or verbal cues. The Graphic Artists Guild defines interactive media as any production or service allowing a user to choose commands to influence an outcome. An interactive agency can create tangible sources of interactive media for your use through sources such as Web design, kiosks, audio prompting, and CD Rom.

Is there an interactive design agency award?

Interactive Design Agency Award

If you are looking for the best interactive design agency there is out there, check some of the winners of an interactive design agency award. I.D. magazine, a publication covering art, business, and design culture, publishes an annual review in a number of design categories; some of the categories include CD Rom, kiosks, Web sites, and experimental divisions. Each year, I.D. magazine gives an award for a design agency in the areas of interactive and animated media. Communication Arts magazine, another widely known design publication, gives out an interactive design agency award to various design categories. This publication selected 38 winners for their 2005 awards for categories in business, advertising, information design, entertainment, and self-promotion. The entrants covered interactive media including kiosks, CD Rom, Web sites, and PDA's.

What are some innovations in interactive Web site design?

Innovations in Interactive Web Site Design

Web site design is far from the original straightforward pages you simply clicked on to read. Now innovations in interactive Web site design make the user increasingly proactive. Interactive Web site design lets you view 3-D movement like NASA's satellites as they move around the earth. Zoom in or out for a different perspective. On a Flash presentation Web site, you can custom design your own sports shoes from the color of the heel to the tongue and shoelaces. Shop a Web site with an interactive device that makes audio responses based on your interactions as you browse. On another Flash presentation Web site, move your cursor around in a virtual world and watch as the environment, sounds, and creatures come alive with each movement and click of your mouse.

What are some of the more recent design developments created by an interactive design agency?

The Latest Design From An Interactive Design Agency

At an interactive design agency, you can find an array of the latest design developments including interactive Internet, multimedia, iTV and Wireless downloads to handheld devices. Currently popular in Europe, iTV offers an interactive experience for viewers to engage with their television sets; from playing trivia games to user directed advertising, iTV is an entirely new realm of design for an interactive design agency. Another popular development comes in the form of downloadables for your handheld devices. The list of design developments Interactive agencies can create includes animations, video shorts, and audio compilations.

How can working with an interactive advertising agency benefit my business?

The Benefit of Using an Interactive Advertising Agency

Today, many businesses have utilized the services of print media to market their company. Stationery systems, logos, and corporate materials have long encompassed the world of print media. These days, business interactions embrace a more virtual world with the use of online media, interactive media like CDs, and downloadable material.
To maintain an advantage as a cutting-edge business, you may want to consider working with an interactive advertising agency to keep your business ahead of the competition. Keeping an online presence helps increase your visibility as a business. By creating a business Web site, you can operate on a global level. By offering company marketing materials, products, and services on a CD, you give your clients easy access to information on a portable device. By creating downloadable information like podcasts, audio files, and video shorts, you give your clients a means of using your products and services with the latest interactive media technology can offer. An interactive advertising agency can give you the tools to put technology to marketing use.

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