Launching a Company Intranet

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What should I consider when launching a company intranet?

Launching a Company Intranet

To increase the ease of communications within your company and facilitate project interactions, you will need to launch a company intranet. Although this is an immense transition, you can follow some guidelines to ease the implementation of a new system into your business.
• Understand the structure of your employee interactions and the manner in which they like to work. Their input will help you assess the best way to handle an intranet system.
• Appoint an information technology manager to oversee the company intranet. Having someone such as the current network manager in charge makes handling changes, site access, and guidelines for the rest of the company much easier.
• Set up a back up safety net for use of the intranet within your company. Not everyone should have access to all files and accidental deletion of important material can occur.
• Keep your new intranet system simple and flexible. When introducing a new system into your company it is important to start off with the basic necessities. You can always add features and functions as the learning curve of the business changes.



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