Blogging Guidelines for Your Intranet Company

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What blogging guidelines can I follow to set up a system for my intranet company?

Blogging Guidelines for Your Intranet Company

If you have made the decision to add blogging to your intranet company, there are some blogging guidelines you should consider to keep operations running smoothly. First, you should understand what the blogging technology is capable of. Once you understand how the technology works, you can figure out how blogging fits into the structure of your intranet company. Second, decide on an objective for your company blog. You need to know exactly what the blog will be used for and by whom. Third, create a set of policies and procedures for your intranet company. Decide how much control and input your management will have on the company blog. Setting up a structure that allows your employees to reap the benefits of the blogging technology without having to police their writing is the best means of establishing parameters. Following these simple blogging guidelines will help your intranet company run an effective blogging system.



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