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Is there a one-stop shop for learning about the latest in digital media?

Attend a Digital Media Seminar

Digital media is permeating into all industries, from advertising to government to education. With technology evolving so rapidly, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends, consumer behavior, and business strategies. To learn about topics ranging from industry outlook to government policies and regulations, consider attending a digital media seminar. The education you receive from attending a digital media seminar and the value of networking, can be well worth your time. Some of the digital media events include the Digital Media Conference by Digital Media Wire, the Digital Media Summit, and Play, a new annual conference in Northern California.

Are companies using digital media for educational purposes?

Digital Media For Employee Training

A study done by Market Decisions Corp. in recent years found that among 700 of the big businesses in the United States, over 75% used digital media to train their employees on company practices - and with good reason, too. Digital media like streaming video and video on demand have helped to cut employee training costs and ease the dissemination of information. The need for activities such as meetings and travel, have been reduced. If you're looking for a solution to keep your employees up to date, consider implementing some form of digital media for your organization.

What interactive media can I use in a retail setting to increase customer interaction?

Interactive Media for Retail

A retail setting is prime real estate to introduce interactive media like touch screen computers. A customer will be able to interact with a well designed digital interface, allowing them to access everything from information on products, company trivia, and personalized customer preferences. Gift registries are one example of interactive media now commonly used in major retail chains. You can realize cost savings over time by allowing the consumer to engage in a friendly and interactive environment with media rather than utilizing retail personnel.

Is there a way to make my CD Rom materials stand out from the competition?

CD Rom Production - A New Way of Cutting It

Perhaps you've already incorporated the use of CD Rom production in your marketing materials. You've placed your company business card, marketing brochures, product information, and press kit onto a CD Rom. What's next? Take the presentational tool of CD Rom production to the next level by using a die cut process to make your CD Rom into virtually any shape. Try outlining your company logo, build a shape around a product – whatever your imagination can create. A die cut CD will set your business apart from the others and leave an impression on your clientele.

What can I use CD production for?

Incorporate CD Production into Your Business

In today's digital media world, there is no reason why your business shouldn't use the latest technology in an interactive CD to package information. Use CD production as an affordable alternative or compliment to your existing print media. Incorporate products, brochure information, or your company's profile and services into one easy to use place. An interactive CD allows you to place exactly the information you want on a disk to distribute to your customer or client base. CD production is a portable marketing tool that you or your client can take anywhere to view.

What are the capabilities of interactive DVD?

Interactive DVD

An interactive DVD is most widely used as a tool for video game and movie distribution. Although the acronym DVD commonly stands for "digital video disc" perhaps its other name, "digital versatile disc" is most accurate. There is a reason why the interactive DVD has virtually taken over the movie and gaming market. This is a basic list of some of the features you can input onto an interactive DVD.

• A DVD is similar to a CD with the exception of its data capacity – it is seven times more than that of a CD.

• The format of a DVD allows high quality picture with a typical resolution of 720 dots of horizontal resolution. DVD audio has the capability of sound quality much like you would find in a theater with either Dolby Digital or DTS sound.

• You can scan to various parts of a DVD without going through a menu and simply clicking a button.

• You can lace a DVD with variations of audio assigned to a particular scene, such as subtitling.

• You can add interactive features such as quizzes and animation.

How can podcasting be used for my organization?

Using Podcasting For Your Organization

At its onset, podcasting was most popular as a means for individuals to distribute their own music, radio shows, or talk shows. However, podcasting has expanded to various walks of life and has become a means of distributing information for a range of businesses, educational facilities, and television. Podcasting been used by organizations such as Wikipedia to distribute news. Museums like SFMOMA deliver their own podcasts for down loading. Georgetown University broadcasts a forum via podcast. The producer for the current sci-fi TV show "Battlestar Galactica" has used podcasting as a means to make regular commentary on the series for each episode.

What are some innovations in interactive CD Rom design?

Innovations in Interactive CD Rom

Interactive CD Rom is the perfect medium for businesses to place their product and service information. Not only can you create a convenient, go anywhere package, you can make it highly interactive for the user. One furniture manufacturer has not only placed their catalogue on CD Rom, they have turned the catalog into a three dimensional exploration. A desk will serve as your "guide" while you view the CD Rom. You can spin it, rotate it and view it from all sides. On another interactive CD Rom, you can go on an exploration of an encyclopedia while you view video clips, speeches, and sidebars. If the date of over 40,000 articles isn't enough for you, you can instantly connect to the Internet via Web links.

What are some of the uses for digital media for businesses?

Practical Applications for Digital Media

In this age of technology, you can integrate digital media into every day business practices. For marketing purposes, you can incorporate digital media like CDs into trade shows, use them as virtual brochures, and create digital catalogs. For training purposes, digital media like the creation of streaming video, can be used to educate and train employees. Web sites incorporating Flash Web design and music can help create branding and corporate identity for a business. Digital media has become an almost limitless tool for business practices – if you can visualize it, you can create it.

Why might I want to use CD business card production?

CD Business Card Production For Business Promotion

A business card printed on stock paper is commonplace, but in order to create a bigger impact on the mind of your client or customer, consider using CD business card production. You can promote your business in a convenient, portable disk in the size of a business card that conveys your business as a cutting-edge company. CD business card production allows you not only to leave your business contact information with the viewer, but to promote your business by focusing on your company's strengths and background. In short, a business card on a CD is a marketing tool.

What types of information and capability can I expect from an Interactive CD?

The Capabilities of Interactive CD

Today, interactive media is seeping into every facet of business, government, and education. The interactive CD is no exception. An interactive CD can hold a wealth of information, including reference materials and company profiles. This form of interactive media can display video, play audio, and incorporate text, graphics, and photos. Not only are you able to view an incredible span of information on CD Rom, but you can also engage with it as well. Use a search engine to find precisely the information you are looking for or find a link to the Internet from a reference point on the CD.

What are some uses of the kiosk as a form of interactive media?

Interactive Media in a Kiosk

Once, the term kiosk simply referred to a small-scale structure that often sold a limited number of goods. In the days of digital media, the kiosk now includes an interactive terminal used in public facilities ranging from government industries to corporations, to retail. The kiosk may be as familiar to you as your bank's ATM. In a retail setting, you may visit a kiosk to browse through a wedding or baby registry. Museums use kiosks as an interactive terminal in order to enrich the visitor experience with information and trivia about an exhibit.

What is podcasting and what how does it work?


Podcasting is a term coined in 2004 from combining the words "iPod" and "broadcasting" together. A Podcast generally refers to a file, typically in an MP3 format, for playback on a personal computer or a portable device. This file is broadcast over the Internet and can be downloaded at any convenient time. Unlike Internet radio, podcasting is convenient because it allows the listener to playback the audio at any given time. The most common way to receive a podcast is through a subscription service.

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