Determining The ROI of Your Intranet System

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Is there a way to determine the bottom line benefit of my company Intranet system?

Determining The ROI of Your Intranet System

You may have recently implemented an Intranet system into your organization's inner workings, but have you been able to measure the ROI it has on your bottom line? Rather than looking at your overall Intranet system in its entirety, it is beneficial to examine concrete key areas of your company Intranet that you can measure like cost savings, increased employee productivity, and competitive advantage in the marketplace. The important thing to keep in mind when evaluating ROI dollars is to remove operational costs from your equation. For instance, do not calculate anything requiring regular maintenance such as necessary upgrades. Cost savings can include items like avoiding printing costs and distribution costs. Increased employee productivity can be realized through better communications and more efficient project collaboration. You can improve your competitive advantage in the marketplace by using your Intranet system to improve forecasting and managerial decision-making.



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