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How important is custom realtor Web design in the market today?

The Importance of Custom Realtor Web Design

In today's tough real estate market, the importance of smart marketing is important to selling a home. Real estate agents should take heed of the importance of custom realtor Web design when the statistics show the impact that the Web has on the real estate industry today. According the National Association of Realtors, a 2005 study indicates that homebuyers are utilizing the Internet for their home searches and they are doing it in droves. A whopping 82% of first time homebuyers and 78% of veteran homebuyers used the Internet in their search for a home. This means exposure on the Web is vital and so is custom realtor Web design. The Web sites of today carry everything from slide shows to streaming video to interactive floor plans.

What should I include in a request for proposal for a custom Web site design company?

Request for Proposal for a Custom Web Site Design Company

If you want to hire a custom Web site design company to build an online presence for your business, but you are interested in soliciting a number of bids, you will need to put together a request for proposal. A request for proposal summarizes the objectives and details of a design project. This piece of information will help you obtain project bids based on the same parameters, from a number of different firms.

In a request for proposal, you would include the following information:

• Company background – Explain what your business does, how large it is, and what services or products it offers.

• Target Audience- Let the design firms know whom you intend to market your business to.

• Project Goals – Give information on why you would like to proceed with a Web design project. You response can be as simple as "reaching a larger target audience" or involve a complex marketing campaign.

• Scope of Work – Inform the designers what you would like to include in the project. Are you interested in an update to an existing Web site? Would you like to add interactive features like audio and Flash design? Or perhaps you would like to start an entirely new Web site from conception to finish.

• Design Aesthetic – Give the design firms an idea of how you would like the overall appearance of the finished piece to look. It is helpful to think of adjectives that might describe a target audience, such as "young and vibrant" or "corporate and professional".

• Timeline – Give an overall timeline of the target completion dates. Be reasonable as to what can be accomplished within a given time frame.

* Remember, the more targeted your approach, the better match you will find in a custom Web site design company.

What makes a custom web site design site user-friendly?

What makes a custom web site design site user-friendly?

Good web designers have the ability to create custom web site designs that are easy to navigate and are innovative. Custom web designs allow the web user easy navigation, so that s/he can find specific information quickly and easily. Custom web site designs that allow for efficient navigation should have a menu structure that is short and simple; also the buttons on the menu should be easy to find and read. A good custom web site design allows the web user to access all information within a few simple clicks.

What is the difference between getting custom Web site design versus using a Web site template?

Custom Web Site Design Vs. Web Site Template

Before you make a decision to make an online business presence, you will want to consider your options for creating a Web site. You may want to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of creating a custom Web site design versus using a Web site template.
If you have a limited budget and need to establish your online business presence in a short amount of time, you should consider using a Web site template for your business. This is a cost effective way to put up your business Web site in a short amount of time. You can also find a wide array of design packages to choose from. The downside is that you will have to do the work yourself and you will lack the added advantage of a design professional and online marketing advice.
When working with a custom Web site design, you will have a business Web site created specifically for your business. The content, image, and marketing input you receive will be based on the needs of your organization. You will be able to create an online business presence that will help you garner new clientele, build your brand, implement online marketing, and help you stay ahead of the competition.

How can I make the navigation on my custom web site design more user f

How can I make the navigation on my custom web site design more user friendly?

All pages in your custom web site design should be easily accessible from each other. The user should not feel lost when browsing your site. We recommend showing your custom web design to a focus group of your target audience [web users and customers] soliciting their feedback about the ease of navigtion on your custom web site design. Make sure to have non-technical people test your custom web site; your custom web site design must be easy for the average non-technical user to navigate.


How can I make the content in my custom web site design user friendly?

The language in your custom web site design should be simple, plain and easily understood by all the users. Relevant content should be organized and grouped in a cogent manner. Since web users have relatively short attention spans, content on your custom web site design should be concise and the pages should be short and to the point.


Top Must-Haves for Your Website #1: Web Page Title

Imagine you are one of several websites that come up in a search engine listing. (BTW, if you're not in the search engines yet, keep reading tips here or from other web gurus on how to get there.)

Thankfully, the person has chosen your website...among a few. Help them out by adding a title to your web page. That way if they get side-tracked in viewing another website, they will look forward to reading your website (which hopefully has all the information they need on it). Your web page will bear a short but appropriate title that will appear up top in the title bar of your Internet viewer.

For example, you can see LifeTips in the title bar above. Ask your web designer about adding an appropriate title for each of your web pages, and ask about getting an icon in the title tab that appears within the viewing window for a more custom look.

What steps will help me to create an effective custom web site design for my business?

Steps to Creating Custom Web Site Design

Understanding the process that a Web design company takes to create a Web site custom made for your business alleviates any miscommunications and helps the process move along much more smoothly.

• When consulting with a design firm to create a custom Web site design for your organization, you can expect to begin by meeting with the firm, discussing your ideas, and taking the steps toward agreeing on budgeting and pricing.

• The key to getting a custom Web site with a design that highlights your company's presence on the Internet along with the budget you have in mind, is clear communication between you as the client and the designer. Work with your design firm to create the image, appearance, and functions your business requires.

• At the onset of the design process, you have a budget to consider. Keep an open mind when discussing the parameters of the Web site design. The design firm may have alternate solutions you have not considered that can achieve the same results in a cost effective manner.

What is the best way to achieve affordable custom Web site design?

Hiring for Affordable Custom Web Design

When looking for affordable custom Web site design for your business needs, rather than attempting to cut costs by hiring the least expensive Web design firm, hire the best Web design firm your budget allows. In both the short term and long term, hiring a Web design company with proven experience can help you get the most mileage out of a custom Web design. An experienced Web design firm can give you solutions that make the most out of your marketing budget by utilizing your money where it will make the most impact; maximize your Web presence, create the most appropriate Web design, and give you an efficient Web site navigation. Don't think of affordable custom Web site design as the least amount of money spent up front. Rather, consider custom Web design to be a financial investment now that will pay off in the future as it helps your business grow.

What can I include in a custom real estate Web site?

Creating Custom Real Estate Web Design

Creating custom real estate Web design today does not mean simply compiling a basic static site with informational content, a few photos, and select housing listings. With the availability of new media, you can now add interactive functions to make the design for your custom real estate Web site much more engaging. Add a 360-degree video to showcase homes for sale. Prospective buyers can pan to and zoom in to get a better look at specific rooms and outdoor areas. For new homes for sale, consider engaging in a software program allowing your viewers to see a virtual model of new homes.

Are there companies that specialize in custom real estate Web design?

Custom Real Estate Web Design Company

The online market is a growing industry. With the availability of new technology to make marketing real estate on the Web readily accessible and the growing number of homebuyers looking for homes on the Web, you can now readily find a custom real estate Web design company. The advantage of using a custom real estate Web design company is that you work with professionals who specialize in your industry and can cater the design of your Web site to the real estate market. You can find a range of services including real estate Web design, Web hosting, real estate marketing strategy, and Web content.

How can I help make sure my custom Web design is affordable?

Setting your Sights on Affordable Custom Web Design

The costs to design, build, and maintain a custom Web site for your business can add up. To ensure that you get affordable custom Web design, make sure you know what you are paying for. Within the design industry, it is typical practice for the client to pay for expenses. You can typically find these expenses are outlined in the contract and may be estimated if they are not known at the onset of a project. Expenses might include travel, research, photos, illustrations, and shipping costs for media like CDs. To help maintain affordable custom Web design, check the fine print in your contract agreement.

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