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How Can I Create A Professional Web Design?

What do professional Web designers look for when creating a professional web design?

All professional web designs should have an outcome, and once you have identified what that outcome will be, it will be easier to design with that goal in mind.

Visitors should be able to find the information that the seek within three clicks of arriving at your web site. Professional web designers always pay close attention to this.

The use of color can turn a plain web site into a professional web design. Color is perceived as a representation of the type of culture and industry in which your company participates. Professional web designers select colors that harmonize with the image you wish to portray.

Websites are exactly like magazines, in that it has 1/10 of 1 second to make an impression that says, “Look at me! I'm worth reading.” To be considered a professional web design, your web site has to capture the user immediately. Just like a magazine cover, if it doesn't make the user interested, than it's a failure.

Copy on a professional web design is always readable. Professional Web designers will breakup long paragraphs into easier-to-digest chunks. Long passages look intimidating on a computer screen, and are less likely to be read.

Finally, professional web designs have up-to-date content. Eighty percent of website visitors are repeat visitors, so keep them coming back with current material and events.

How can I incorporate my branding into my Web site design?

How can I use branding most effectively in a professional web design?

If creating instant recognition of your company's service and reputation are priorities to you, branding is essential in your professional web design. The consistent uses of your corporate identity with all other aspects of your collateral material will increase the visibility and recognition of your web design. Your URL should be prominently displayed and frequently seen on all of your print media and collateral material, so that when a user arrives at your web site, they have immediate name recognition. A good professional Web designer will not only create a professional web design for you, but will also recommend good companies to design matching professional collateral materials as well.

How important is branding in a Web site?

How important is the use of corporate identity in a professional web design?

Using your corporate identity is very important! If you don't have top-of-mind brand placement, it's easy for visitors to get lost in the sea of your competitors who likely have professionally designed web sites. If a brand is not properly championed prominently in a professional web design, users will not remember the brand behind the web site. A professional web design should feature the brand featured in at least three different ways – this repetition will help sink the brand into the minds of the web site's audience. Therefore, branding is a paramount element in a truly professional web design

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