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Top 10 Must-Haves for Your Home Page #2: Content Title

When you are adding copy to your website, it is important to title your content appropriately. Even photo websites deserve content title that will attract search-engines. Keep the "spiders" happy, and have a relevant, keyword rich title for each of your web pages. Need copywriting help? Get the Q.U.I.C.K. Fix for Your Ailing (or Missing) Website. This self-paced learning manual has everything basic thing you need to know about building your own professional-looking website – the Q.U.I.C.K. way. Search engine spiders will not read images, so keep them crawling all over your website by adding a title to your content today.

How can I increase traffic to my Website?

How can my Website design maximize both traffic and conversion potential?

There are both on-site and off-site features that attract users to your Website.

Some on-site factors, that are crucial to web site design, are ease of navigation and friendly site design that increases functionality. The language should be simple, and the Website design should accommodate various types of users. The layout and content should be straightforward and concise.

Some off-site factors that will produce traffic to your Website are building link popularity, and raising the profile of your company by appropriately branding your company. There are numerous ways branding can improve your web site's success. Linking your corporate identity to off-site links can greatly improve traffic and retention on your Website.

What is Web marketing?

What is Web marketing, and how can it increase traffic to my Website design?

Web marketing is not all that different from traditional marketing. Like traditional marketing, a Web marketing campaign must identify and focus on a target group that is most likely to respond to your campaign.

Web marketing can help drive qualified traffic to your web site with not just hits, but real visits. This is accomplished by strategic positioning of off-site links and anchor terms that channel traffic to your site from other areas in the internet.

Another strategy is to include your web site into a link sharing network. These networks can instantly provide hundreds, even thousands, of additional places where your potential Website users can find you.


Top Things You Can Do Immediately to Fix Your Ailing Website #1: Tag Your Graphics

There are a lot of creepy crawlers out there on the Internet, and some of them are trying to help you get attention. Spiders that crawl web pages looking for information to add to their respective search engines are looking for more information on your website. They cannot read graphics.

What does this mean for you?

It means that if you had to use a graphic representation of your logo at the top of your web page or if you are using a graphic to represent your homepage, the search engines will not read it - unless you are using your alternative text option.

An alternative text for your graphic is used primarly to let the web visitor know what is supposed to be there but might be missing for any number of reasons. Secondarily, though, spiders will pick up the alternative text. So you can make it something creative, like the name of your product or service or company. Ask your web designer how to add one for you today.

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