Request for Proposal for a Custom Web Site Design Company

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What should I include in a request for proposal for a custom Web site design company?

Request for Proposal for a Custom Web Site Design Company

If you want to hire a custom Web site design company to build an online presence for your business, but you are interested in soliciting a number of bids, you will need to put together a request for proposal. A request for proposal summarizes the objectives and details of a design project. This piece of information will help you obtain project bids based on the same parameters, from a number of different firms.

In a request for proposal, you would include the following information:

• Company background – Explain what your business does, how large it is, and what services or products it offers.

• Target Audience- Let the design firms know whom you intend to market your business to.

• Project Goals – Give information on why you would like to proceed with a Web design project. You response can be as simple as "reaching a larger target audience" or involve a complex marketing campaign.

• Scope of Work – Inform the designers what you would like to include in the project. Are you interested in an update to an existing Web site? Would you like to add interactive features like audio and Flash design? Or perhaps you would like to start an entirely new Web site from conception to finish.

• Design Aesthetic – Give the design firms an idea of how you would like the overall appearance of the finished piece to look. It is helpful to think of adjectives that might describe a target audience, such as "young and vibrant" or "corporate and professional".

• Timeline – Give an overall timeline of the target completion dates. Be reasonable as to what can be accomplished within a given time frame.

* Remember, the more targeted your approach, the better match you will find in a custom Web site design company.



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