10 Really Bad Reasons for Lacking a Website #1: Lack of Need

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10 Really Bad Reasons for Lacking a Website #1: Lack of Need

While it is true that there are some who may not have an immediate need for a website, this is a pretty poor excuse for not having one.

Let me explain...

The point of entry for owning a website is so low that everyone should have one, if for no other reason than to reserve their name for a personal website. Naturally, you do not want to be considered a cyber squatter by purchasing domain names without the intent to use them. So use them.

Hire a professional website consultant to help you with ideas for designing and developing your website to suit your purpose on the Internet. Discover many reasons why you should have a website today, and learn how you can do it for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional website consultant. You may not think you need a website, but essentially you are out in the middle of the ocean without a raft if you do not have one in this day and age.



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