Good Web Designers

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What should I look for in good web designers?

Good Web Designers

Good web designers will have an extensive portfolio and a professional or academic education in web design and/or graphic arts. These web designers can sometimes be found by searching at a university or college, or by looking in a newspaper's classified ads.

Even if a web designer has not worked for a client before, he/she should have a portfolio. This portfolio can be comprised of work that has been created for personal use, friends or family and should contain multiple examples of web work. If the designer is a graphical artist or motion graphics artist, then he/she should have digital copies of work available for perusal.

If a web designer does not have a portfolio created, then he/she should be able to demonstrate work for you, so that you can judge it and verify competence level. If he/she cannot do this, then you are most likely not dealing with a very good web designer.



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