Interactive DVD

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What are the capabilities of interactive DVD?

Interactive DVD

An interactive DVD is most widely used as a tool for video game and movie distribution. Although the acronym DVD commonly stands for "digital video disc" perhaps its other name, "digital versatile disc" is most accurate. There is a reason why the interactive DVD has virtually taken over the movie and gaming market. This is a basic list of some of the features you can input onto an interactive DVD.

• A DVD is similar to a CD with the exception of its data capacity – it is seven times more than that of a CD.

• The format of a DVD allows high quality picture with a typical resolution of 720 dots of horizontal resolution. DVD audio has the capability of sound quality much like you would find in a theater with either Dolby Digital or DTS sound.

• You can scan to various parts of a DVD without going through a menu and simply clicking a button.

• You can lace a DVD with variations of audio assigned to a particular scene, such as subtitling.

• You can add interactive features such as quizzes and animation.



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