Make a Positive Impression with a CD Business Card

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Do I need a CD business card?

Make a Positive Impression with a CD Business Card

Are you looking for employment as a web designer? In addition to creating a winning resume, it's a good idea to create a business card CD to submit to potential employers along with the document. Doing so will demonstrate that you are tech savvy and that you are well versed in the use of technology as a marketing tool. It will also allow you to demonstrate your digital graphic art skills via the quality of your CD business card design. Is a CD business card design necessary? No. Will it help you stand out? Absolutely! Just make sure that the quality of the design truly reflects your skills as a graphic design professional.

Remember that the first impression you make when seeking employment will likely make the difference between getting an interview where you have an opportunity to sell yourself to the company. When a company is hiring web designers, they are looking for people who understand graphic design, web development, and marketing. Because of that it's important that you position yourself as someone who's on the cutting edge of technology, and using a business card CD can be a terrific way to differentiate yourself from others who are seeking similar employment.



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