In-house Versus Outsourcing Web Design

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Should I build the website myself or use a web design company?

In-house Versus Outsourcing Web Design

Building a website can be a process that is easy or extremely challenging, depending upon the technologies that are used in the process. For example, if a webpage is needed that only has text on it, then a company can easily do this work individually, even with no previous webpage design experience.

However, if the page requires more complex elements such as CSS, PHP, ASP, Flash or other more complicated web elements, then a professional web design company should be utilized. These complex elements can be created in house, but the amount of time and work it would take to learn how to create them would be extensive. A company or individual is better off hiring an outside consultant to save both time and money in the long run.



1/1/2008 7:08:07 PM
dedicated staff said:

Depends on the kind of website one may intend to come up with. The more designs and features you put into it, such as CSS, ASP and Flash, the tougher the work is.
However way one may want his website to be, there's always a company or an individual who an help you do the job for you.


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