Interactive CDs

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What is an interactive CD?

Interactive CDs

A CD that has a menu that automatically appears upon insertion of the disc, and allows the user to interact with it, is considered an interactive CD.

These CDs are typically included with high-priced software (i.e., the Adobe software suite), and are used to help the user navigate menus, display information or train the user in what the product does.

Interactive CDs cannot typically be created with standard CD/DVD burning software that is included with most computers, but most moderately-priced software include an option for creating an interactive menu for the burned CD.



11/28/2007 1:08:37 AM
Dennis said:

Interesting beginning and would like to see the topic developed. Briefly, my needs are to take educational materials I have developed and put them on a CD/DVD in interactive form. While I am capable of flow-charting everything, I do not have the remotest idea as to what software(s) to use. Should I use a database and, if so, which would be optimal and what ancillary software would I need. Sorry, I know the question is primitive.


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