Types of Local Web Design Firms

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Are there different types of local Web design firms I should be aware of when conducting my search?

Types of Local Web Design Firms

Making a decision between local Web design firms can be easier if you are aware of the different types of design organizations available to you. You can generally categorize Web design firms into one of three categories:
Big Box Design Firm – These organizations typically have more than 50 employees with specialties in every aspect of Web creation from Web designers to front end programmers to back end programmers. They have a large sized staff to handle large projects, but often come with the problem of a multi-layered managerial decision making process.
Boutique Firm – This is the mid-sized firm with a staff of 10-15 professionals. They are capable of handling a range of projects and often have a greater level of flexibility to deal with creative solutions and the decision making process in general.
Freelance Web Designers – Here, you have a Web designer or a project team selected individually for a project to work together. This scenario can work very well if you have the research and knowledge to pick the right set of people. The drawback here is an additional amount of footwork to develop a local Web design team versus searching from local Web design firms.



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