Drawbacks to Using a Flash Web Design Template

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What are the drawbacks to using a Flash Web design template?

Drawbacks to Using a Flash Web Design Template

For businesses that neither have the time or money to contend with hiring a Web designer or firm, using a Flash Web design template can be the perfect solution for a fast and affordable way to put up an interactive Website. However, with packaged, inexpensive Web options, you do face some disadvantages.
First, because it is a template, you are locked into a certain range of design and navigational restrictions based on the template that you purchased. With a custom design, you do pay the higher price, but you also get the benefit of a Web site design tailor made to strategically market your business.
Second, you lack the advice and input of a professional or team of professionals that can give you the benefit or their design and marketing experience. With the exception of customer support from the template manufacturer, you are on your own as far as implementing the Web site design, Flash components, and information to your Web site.
Third, although you can find a well-designed Flash web design template, you run the risk of having a generic looking Web site that doesn't best showcase your business. With the number of competitors that have unique, custom made Web sites, you lose a competitive edge in your Web presence.



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