Capabilities of Flash Web Design

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What can Flash Web design be used for on a Web site?

Capabilities of Flash Web Design

By employing the use of Flash Web design, your business Web site will come alive as a rich, interactive experience for the viewer. Flash Web design creates an experience for each Web site visitor, making it a useful marketing tool. To help you communicate with your Web flash designer, it is helpful to know the capabilities of using Flash in Web design. Here are some of the highlights:

• Customize your text and clickable buttons to add punch to the graphics of your business Web site.

• Bring a two dimensional image to life to showcase a product or service.

• Add a voiceover or music to your business Web site to enhance your visitor's overall experience.

• Employ video commercials as a means of relaying information.

• Use Flash Web design to weave an introduction to your company profile and better engage visitors to stay and browse your Web site.



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