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Question 2

Why shouldn´t you use frames?

Frames confuse a user´s browser.
Frames can´t be bookmarked.
Frames are not supported by Internet Explorer since version 3.
Frames are difficult to manage from a developer´s standpoint.
When you try to bookmark a framed page, the page that actually gets bookmarked is the frameset page... so you aren´t really bookmarking an individual page. other answer explanations: 1) Frames dont confuse a user´s browser. 3) Frames are supported by IE version 3 and newer. 4) Frames are easy to manage from a developer´s standpoint.

Question 3

When should you use an Under Construction page?

when a link is no longer available
when a page is out of date
when you are planning to put a new page up soon
none of the above
You shouldn´t use an Under Constrcution page. 1) if the link is no longer available, you should have the link there anymore. 2)if the page is out of date, it should be updated.. and remember to have a ´kast updated´ date at the bottom. 3) if you dont have a page ready to view yet, dont have a link leading to it.

Question 4

What accessibility feature should you always add to your Image (IMG) tags?

ALT= -- for any images, a good practice it to add ALT=<some description here> so that if the images don´t load, or someone with a page-scraper (visually impaired) is accessing the page, the user can still tell what message the missing image is trying to convey.

Question 5

T/F: The best way to catch a user´s attention is with POP-UP Messages and Ads..

Most users these days don´t even look at pop-up messages and advertisements (example: x-10 mini-camera and mega-casino.. how many times have you closed these windows without a second thought??). It´s better to use banners if you must use anything -- this way looking at and clicking on are user-optional, and more respectable.

Question 6

T/F: Splash pages/graphics are considered bad design.

Yes. Once they were okay, now they are out of fashion. why? You want a user to have fast access to your content.. why would you put a barrier, something ELSE for a user to click on before getting to the good stuff? Try not to use them unless the Boss says so.

Question 7

T/F: Good design is to use fixed-width tables for content.

False. Using percentage-based values ensures most of the content will fit on the screen when the browser window is resized. Example: TABLE WIDTH=90% is better than TABLE WIDTH=600.

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