The Best Motion Graphics

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What are the best motion graphics used today?

The Best Motion Graphics

Some of the best motion graphics that are used for web pages today are Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Shockwave. The most popular software used today is Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash), which is used in everything from video files to cartoon animation to online and offline games.

Microsoft Silverlight, released at the beginning of September 2007, is a competitor to Flash and promises a cross-platform motion graphics framework that integrates with .NET. Silverlight appears to be promising, although development has not progressed very far because of the relative newness of the technology.

Finally, Shockwave--which has dropped in popularity over the past few years--has moved from a general use to a more specific use in online and offline games. The differences between Shockwave and Flash are technical in nature, though Flash is more popular with the population at large for both technical and marketing reasons.



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